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Seeking Good Debate: Religion, Science, and Conflict in American Public Life, University of California Press

Essays & Op-eds

The Right to Pursue Happiness is the Right to Pursue Education (with Dan Rockmore), The Huffington Post

Algorithms: The Future That Already Happened, Los Angeles Review of Books

Why Not Make Journal Acceptance Portable?, Inside Higher Ed

The Hidden Religion and Science Conflict, The Huffington Post

Making Science Enthusiasm Work, The Huffington Post

The Value Problem in Digital Badging (with Mike Goudzwaard), Inside Higher Ed

Academic Articles & Reviews

Review of Secular Conversions, Contemporary Sociology

Wikipedia Verification Check: A Chrome Browser Extension (with Reed H. Harder, Alfredo Velasco, Chuankai An, and Dan Rockmore), WWW ‘17 Companion (see also The Atlantic’s coverage of this research: One Easy Way to Make Wikipedia Better)

Review of Scientific Controversies, Contemporary Sociology

Review of American Secularism, Sociological Forum

Review of Mystical Science and Practical Religion, American Journal of Sociology

Religion and Political Decision Making, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

A Computational Approach to Qualitative Analysis in Large Textual Datasets, PLOS ONE

Speaking of Participation: A Qualitative Research Note, SAGE Open

Review of The Lost Art of Finding Our Way, Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society

Review of Faith Based, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Who Wants a Deliberative Public Sphere?, Sociological Forum

Supporting Science: Reasons, Restrictions, and the Role of Religion, Science Communication

Sociology and Christianity (with John H. Evans), The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity

Imagining Public Debate (review of Debating Human Genetics), Science as Culture

Achieving Continuity: A Story of Stellar Magnitude, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science

Arguing Against Darwinism: Religion, Science, and Public Morality (with John H. Evans), The New Blackwell Companion to the Sociology of Religion

Review of Human Dignity and Bioethics, Contemporary Sociology

Zelizer’s Theory of Money and the Case of Local Currencies, Environment and Planning A

Defining the Public, Defining Sociology: Hybrid Science-Public Relations and Boundary-Work in Early American Sociology, Public Understanding of Science

Religion and Science: Beyond the Epistemological Conflict Narrative (with John H. Evans), Annual Review of Sociology

Blogs etc.

Trump, the Religious Right, and Public Religion, UC Press Blog

Seeing What Others See, Teaching Out Loud

How Active Learning Can Fail, Teaching Out Loud

Credit Where Credit Is Due, Teaching Out Loud

Learning from Experience (Part 3), Teaching Out Loud

Learning from Experience (Part 2), Teaching Out Loud

Learning from Experience (Part 1), Teaching Out Loud

Making Space for Learning, Teaching Out Loud

Starting With a Reality Check, Teaching Out Loud

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