Wikipedia Verification Check: A Chrome Browser Extension

Abstract: In this paper we present Version 1.0 of an implementation of a Wiki reference parser with a light-weight plugin in the form of a Google Chrome Extension with Javascript. The output of the parser is a “verification score” for any Wikipedia page, constructed from a combination of scores derived from reference accessibility and quality. The extension presented herein works from a pre-stored database of DOI and reference checks. Future versions working in real-time are also discussed. This work suggests generalizations to real-time verification checkers for arbitrary webpages and possibly even a real-time fact-checker for news platforms.

Authors: Reed H. Harder, Alfredo Velasco, Michael S. Evans, Chuankai An, and Dan Rockmore

Notice: This paper can be accessed in PDF using this link. See also coverage of this research in The Atlantic: One Easy Way to Make Wikipedia Better.

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