Michael S. Evans

I am a postdoctoral Neukom Fellow at Dartmouth College, and the author of Seeking Good Debate: Religion, Science, and Conflict in American Public Life.

I write and teach about the public intersections of religion, science, media, and politics. My work combines qualitative and computational methods to examine how culture and democracy fit together, particularly in the public sphere.

I have a PhD in sociology from the University of California, San Diego through the interdisciplinary Science Studies Program, and a BA in history from Arizona State University through the interdisciplinary Honors College. I have also been a visiting NSF EAPSI Fellow in the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology at The University of Tokyo.

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Twitter: @EvansWrites
Email: michael.evans@dartmouth.edu
Office: 206 Black Family Visual Arts Center


Helping students learn is important to me. I will be teaching a new course called Mass Media and Democracy in Spring 2016 to Dartmouth first-year students. Previously I designed and taught courses at Dartmouth College and UC San Diego on science and religion in American media; the sociology of American health care; American religion; and science, technology, and society.

I am particularly committed to collaboration and innovation in digital pedagogy. I collaborate with Mike Goudzwaard on digital badging projects and course design. I also collaborate with Sarah Tischer Scully to design, create, and track experiential learning in digital scholarship.


My Google Scholar profile provides a complete list of academic publications. Unfortunately, many of those links go to paywalled versions. The following papers are available in non-paywalled versions (author manuscript in minimal XHTML unless otherwise noted):

Academic articles & chapters

Book reviews & essays

Interview & opinion


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